Senhor Internet

Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
Senhor Internet
DisplacementsAll country
About this Gig

🔥Get ready, because I’m about to turn up the heat on the decks and light up your night with the hottest beats and the coolest vibes. I’m Senhor Internet, your passport to a party experience like no other!🔥

Can you feel the anticipation building? The hum of the crowd, the electric charge in the air? That’s the power of music, my friends, and I’m here to amplify it, to transform this night into an unforgettable experience, a radiant rave of joy and jubilation.

So, mark your calendar! Come and sweat out your worries, dance away your inhibitions and let the good times roll under the neon lights. I’m Senhor Internet, and I promise you a symphony of sunshine, a carnival of sound that’ll leave you craving for more.

4h Set

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